Parents' Council supports Inclusive schools Initiative

The ACT Council of Parents and Citizens Associations (Council), as the peak body for public school P&C Associations, welcomes the ACT Safe and Inclusive Schools Initiative.

“We support all initiatives which help make schools safer and more inclusive,” says Council President Kirsty McGovern-Hooley. “We also welcome the quality, balanced and respectful information for parents.”

“Parents want every student to be able to be themselves at school and to feel safe and welcomed for who they are.”

 “Same sex attracted and gender diverse people are members of all school communities. This initiative will help school communities support their safety and sense of belonging,” she said. “School communities need access to useful and high-quality information and support, particularly where school staff or parents may lack confidence or experience.”

“We believe parents will appreciate the information the Initiative can provide when it comes to supporting their children, or talking to them about gender diversity.”

Council is a member of the Initiative’s Reference Group and has been able to provide advice and feedback on information sheets for parents and students.

Council supports the approach taken with the Safe and Inclusive Schools Initiative in offering flexible support to schools, parents or P&Cs that seek it rather than providing a curriculum.


Released Thursday March 15, 2018.


Parents can find out more about the initiative and access information at the Safe and Inclusive Schools website.

P&Cs wishing to access information sessions for parents should contact SHFPACT.