Council Welcomes High Court Judgement

The ACT Council of Parents & Citizens Associations welcomes the judgement handed down by the High Court of Australia in relation to Ronald Williams v Commonwealth Of Australia & ORS (2014).

“Our schools need more counsellors and properly trained welfare workers,” said Viv Pearce, Council President. “The money earmarked for the school chaplaincy program should be redirected towards the provision of professional staff members trained in counselling and mental health.”

In light of the second successful challenge to this program, Council believes the Federal Government’s allocation of $245 million towards the School Chaplaincy Program should be reconsidered.

ACT schools should be free and secular. They need more counsellors, not chaplains.

If there is a religious figure such as a chaplain who is identified with a particular denomination or religion in a school, that school is effectively saying to students that other religious faiths do not measure up.


Released Thursday June 19, 2014.