Why I Volunteer - Frances Stewart

Frances Stewart is Vice President of the P&C at Southern Cross Early Childhood School in Scullin. She is also Council’s new communications officer.

6d5b6e20 6d0e 4e40 9c81 3ad3175aae6eI love seeing happy kids. To be honest, that is my biggest motivation for being part of the P&C. If there is a chance to hand out ice blocks, I am the first to offer my assistance. It is impossible not to smile when you hand a child an ice block and I love the smiles I get in return. 

Helping at P&C events, like this week’s Walkathon or the democracy sausage sizzle, also gives me a chance to get to know the people at my children’s school and to see them enjoy being a part of their community.  

Although I had volunteered for P&C events before Covid, I decided to step into a more active role when restrictions were lifted. The thing I missed the most during lockdown was the amazing sense of community at our Early Childhood School. With my oldest child close to finishing their time at Southern Cross and my youngest about to begin, I had a good understanding of what the community was like pre-Covid and a strong desire to help rebuild that sense of belonging for future families. 

I discovered the assistance and advocacy of the ACT Council of Parents and Citizens Associations through my various P&C roles over the past 3 years. I am delighted to join Council staff as the communications officer. I worked for many years as a newspaper journalist in Adelaide and Canberra, before taking time out to raise my family. My new role allows me to combine two of my passions – sharing useful information and creating stronger school communities. Council plays a vital role supporting the kinds of communities I want for children across the ACT. And for me, that’s what is important. It is all about the kids. 

Image: Southern Cross Early Childhood School P&C volunteers Frances, Patty and Cris at the referendum BBQ.