Copy of COVID-19 Information_Aug2021

Information and advice for Parent Associations

Term 3, 2021

Information is correct as of July 13, 2021.

School operations

School sites are now open to families and carers, but note the following for normal school operations:

  • All adult visitors strongly encouraged to check in with the Check In CBR App whenever entering school grounds (this includes when you are only dropping off or picking up students). In addition, signing in at the front office continues for longer visits
  • Masks are not required at school for staff, students or visitors, unless you are under a 'Stay at Home' order. On excursions or public transport where physical distancing is not possible, masks are encouraged
  • New Bus requirements: From noon Thursday July 15, Students 16 years must use the Check In CBR app on every bus and light rail service (includes school services)
  • maximum gathering size is 1000 people (excluding staff and students)
  • density requirement is one person per two square metres  (inside and out).
  • staff and visitors should keep 1.5 metres apart from each other
  • additional cleaning and the provision of hand sanitiser continue
  • anyone who is unwell should stay home. 

See the Education Directorate's updated COVID restrictions for schools and FAQ for families for details.

P&C events

Check In CBR App

The ACT Government is now requiring the use of the Check In CBR App in many situations. This includes wherever a school is used as a venue for an event.

All schools now have QR codes for the Check In CBR App available for use. It is up to the event organiser (eg the P&C!) to ensure that all attendees sign in using these codes and the App. This applies to all P&C-organised events, such as discos, working bees, and even P&C meetings.

COVID-safe plans for all your events

All events in the ACT now require a written COVID safe plan. This includes all P&C-organised events, like discos, BBQs and working bees, plus (arguably) P&C meetings. This plan is simply a formal way of thinking through the risks associated with your event and how you are going to manage these risks - in the same way that you have already been doing when considering distancing and hygiene measures and so on.

To make things easier for P&Cs, Council has created a COVID Safe Event Plan template for your association to quickly adapt to your needs. This is a single plan which can cover all of your small events (fewer than 500 people attending).
DOWNLOAD the TEMPLATE COVID-Safe Event plan (word doc)

We also have this plan for a BBQ that you can alter for your needs (word doc)

Note that there are additional requirments for larger events:

P&C MeetingsAnswers PC COVID

P&C meetings can go ahead on school sites, as long as:

  • attendees use the Check In CBR App (see above)
  • 1.5m physical distancing is maintained
  • the one person per 2 square metre rule is applied
  • hand santiser is provided
  • you manage the risk associated with any food or drink served (see the COVID-safe plan above)


For events, see above. 

Cash can now be taken for fundraisers but other payment methods are still preferred. It is up to P&Cs to manage the risk that cash presents, such as by having separate people handling cash and stock/food, or washing/sanitising hands or changing gloves after any cash handling. Money collected for fundraising can be stored for a couple of days before counting and banking.

Volunteers working on schools sites should sign in at the school's front office AND be encouraged to also use the Check In CBR App. They should maintain 1.5m social distancing and abide by "maximum people in this room" signs posted on all school rooms.

Uniform shops and canteens

Uniform shops

If your P&C operates the school's unform shop, note the following:

  • all volunteers are to sign in with the Check In CBR App and at the school's front office
  • encourage all customers to sign in using the Check In CBR App, and at the front office
  • use the 1 person per 2 square metre rule for all adults (customers and volunteers)
  • use measures to maintain the 1.5m social distancing such as signage, markings on the floor, a larger space in the school, additional volunteers to direct traffic, an outside waiting area, or 10 minute appointment slots to reduce crowding.
  • practice good hygiene and make hand sanitiser available for customers
  • consider not allowing students to try on clothes, but instead have a clear return policy for poor fit. Returned clothes can be put aside for 3 days before offering them for sale again.
  • Cash can now be taken but other payment methods are still preferred. It is up to P&Cs to manage the risk that cash presents, such as by having separate people handling cash and stock, or washing/sanitising hands or changing gloves after any cash handling. Money taken can be stored for a couple of days before counting and banking.


Must have a COVID Safe plan
From June 5 2020, all Food Businesses in the ACT are required to have a written Covid Safety Plan, available in the canteen for inspection by Health Protection Services Inspectors. A Template plan is provide below. 

Must make "best endeavour" to ensure all adults in canteen Check In
From noon, 15 July, 2021, using the Check In CBR will become mandatory for any adult who enters the canteen. This includes all staff, volunteers, and any delivery drivers. They should sign in on the Check In CBR App as they enter school grounds, or do so at the canteen. Canteen staff must use their "best endeavours" to ensure that all adult visitors have signed in. This could include asking all visitors, actively monitoring points of entry, displaying a poster like this one, assisting people who don’t have a smartphone or data on their device by checking them in as a guest on their own device. Use the school's QR code.

To assist, Council has updated our TEMPLATE canteen COVID- safe plan (doc) - for you to review and modify to reflect your circumstances.  Also useful: Worksafe ACT cleaning factsheetComprehensive Federal Government CovidSafe business planning worksheet.

ACT Health and the CIT are providing Free infection control training for workplaces, including for food businesses. It's online and takes around 18 hours. Enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (6207 3196)

General information

Please regularly check the latest advice from ACT Health, available from

The ACT Government's business liaison help line is a great place for advice and details of regulations on activities: 6205 0900


Last updated 16 March 2021.