Reporting for associations which are registered charities

As a charity registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC), your P&C must report to the ACNC.

Most reporting occurs via their Charity Portal.  Make sure your association’s login details are recorded in a safe place and passed on to the new committee. Since P&Cs are also ACT Incorporated Associations, a few details must also be submitted to Access Canberra:

After the AGM

1. You must complete ACNC's Annual Information Statement. Note:

  • The P&C President should ensure that this is completed each year, but it is usually the job of the Secretary to submit and keep a copy of the paperwork.
  • The online form includes financial information and the names of your committee members.
  • The ACNC call your committee the 'Responsible Persons' and these must match the committee positions named in your constitution. If they don't you can change the position titles in the Manage People section of the portal.

2. You must also notify any change in the Public Officer to Access Canberra using their online form.    There is No Need to submit the Annual Return (AR form) to Access Canberra.

Report changes made during the year

If your committee changes during the year, update the names of the Responsible People on the ACNC's online portal ('Manage People' section).

If you change your Constitution, upload the new constitution to the ACNC portal AND complete Access Canberra’s Change of rules or objects form.