Never run an AGM before? Don’t panic!

It’s that time of year for most Parent Associations – time for the Annual General Meeting (AGM).PCMeetingAGMHappySMALL

The AGM is an important event, but needn’t be daunting or overly formal. In fact, it is important to keep it friendly, as it is often the first P&C meeting that parents attend, so make sure you allow time for everyone to introduce themselves.

It is also a great time to let parents know what the P&C is about so that they will want to continue to be involved. Recapping the P&C’s achievements over the past 12 months can be a great way to showcase the value you add to the school (use our template for a quick President's Report).

We have a great Information Sheet on the AGM. Plus this handy checklist for you to work through to get ready for the AGM.

Don't forget our To Do list too, for essential tasks (and legal obligations) afterwards.

There are more resources and templates here.