Resources for Reps and Executive Members

As a Council Rep, you're not just lending your perspective as a parent, you're representing the views of Council.

This means that you need to understand Council's position (policy) and stay informed of Council discussions and deliberations (at meetings). You will also need to keep Council informed about what you learn in your representative role. 

Representing Council & your role

How will I know what to say?  And Negotiating on behalf of Council.
The role of Executive Members
About Confidentiality

Staying informed & useful info

Meetings: To stay informed, attend our General Meetings, or catch up on meeting summaries. (You can generate a listing of General Meetings on our calendar by entering 'general' in the search bar.) Executive Members should also attend Executive Meetings.

Detailed documents: Council's Policy document  (Read the relevent sections to know the views you are representing).  Council Executive should be familiar with relevant parts of Council Constitution and By-Laws

Who's who at EDU (ACT Education Directorate organisational chart)
Who's who at Council - Current Executive members and office staff. Our contact details
Useful Acronyms and bamboozling terms 

Report back

If you can't attend a meeting, please let us know so that a replacement rep can be arranged.
Reporting on meetings - hows and whys
Meeting Report Template (doc) - Fill in the blanks for an instant report on meetings you attend on behalf of Council.
At the end of the year, we'll ask you for a summary of happenings on your committee for our Annual Report.

Got questions?  - contact the office