To Do: Insurance and membership

There are several important upcoming bills and payments which P&Cs should be aware of, as well as a few forms which you should have already completed.

With Term 2 here already, there are a few important things for your association to take care of. Presidents and treasurers should look after the following payments and requirements.


All P&Cs need insurance and not just any insurance, but that which suits your circumstances and the activities you run. For this reason, Civic Insurance has sent insurance renewal questionnaires directly to P&Cs. These must be completed comprehensively and accurately and so that the insurer can understand your insurance needs. P&Cs must fully disclose all operations and events likely to be undertaken in the next 12 months. There is a new, additional form for detailing events you will hold. While it can be hard to predict your activities we suggest providing all the information you can about your most likely activities. If things change over time, you simply need to call the broker (Civic) to let them know of new activities/events which you did not specify. The questionnaires are due by June 1 to Civic Insurance who will then issue invoices for insurance based on your needs. Payment will be due June 30.

Workers compensation

If your P&C has paid employees, you should also have received a wages estimate form, due to be returned to Civic Insurance by June 1. Based on your estimate, you will be sent an invoice for workers compensation cover, with payment due June 30.

Council affiliation fees

Your annual membership fees with Council are due soon. Invoices will be sent to treasurers by the end of May, for payment by the end of June. There is no increase to fees this year. If you are wondering what you get from your Council membership, remember that we provide ACT parent associations – our members – with advice, resources, training, publications and events which connect you to other P&Cs. We also provide representation and advocacy with decision makers in ACT education. The benefits are fully expounded on our website.   

Term 1 To Do

We know the beginning of the year can be overwhelming, so just to reiterate some essential things your committee should have completed:

  • ·Report to government on last year’s activities and finances, and the outcomes of your AGM. P&Cs which are a registered charity need to complete an Annual Information Statement for the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission and also let Access Canberra know of any changes to your Public Officer. Other P&Cs must submit an Annual Return (AR form) to Access Canberra (which is now free as long as you do it by June 30).
  • ·Complete Council’s Office Bearers’ form.

These forms are avilable on our Essential forms page.

Help is at hand

If you missed our free workshops, make sure you take a look at the resources, information and templates for on our website. We aim to make the job of P&C volunteers as easy as possible. Please contact us if you have any questions.

This article appeared in ParentACTion Magazine, Term 2, 2019.