Starting Preschool or Starting School?

Register here for the next Transition to School parent Forum - Thu, Sep 16, 7-8 pm

This live webinar is run In collaboration with the ACT Education Directorate. Join us to hear about early education transitions and have your questions answered. A smooth transition to Preschool or to School is one of the best ways a parent can get their child’s education off to a good start. 

A child who is happy to go to school is a child who is an engaged learner. 

Some very simple tips for parents include: 

  • Visit your school as often as possible in the lead up to day 1 and try to connect with other families - due to the Coronavirus there may be restrictions on parents entering school grounds - walk around the grounds when possible and enquire with the school to see if there's an opt-in online parent community. 
  • Talk positively  with your child about starting school and read together every day.
  • Practise getting ready for school, packing bags, and remembering their hats!
  • Check that your child can unpack, and unwrap their lunch simply.
  • Join your school's parent association to meet other parents, school staff and get involved.
  • Talk about what a day at school might be like, there are many great books about starting school
  • Ensure your child is well rested and try to be on time for school. 
  • Be clear about the pick up arrangements after school.

Remember, schools are getting ready for you too. 

hands up in class