HOTT Launch

Hang on to This (HOTT) is a new magazine to help youth at risk of mental illness.


HOTT was recently launched at the National Gallery of Australia by Dr. Chris Burke. The magazine is produced by Mental Illness Education ACT (MIEACT).

HOTT is designed as a training resource to help young people in the ACT at risk of mental illness. It provides an opportunity for young people to consider their mental health as a part of their overall wellbeing.

MIEACT trains volunteers to talk with students in high schools and colleges about mental health. Staff from MEIACT are available attend P&C Association meetings to talk with parents and carers.

The HOTT magazine combines real stories from youth, information on mental illness and where to get help.

HOTT launch photo

ACT Education Minister Dr Chris Bourke and MIEACT Exexcutive Officer Pam Boyer, at the Launch of the HOTT Magazine.


This article was published in ParentACTion 2.2012, May 2012.



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