Lobby for AUSSI funding

Council joined the Australian Education for Sustainability Alliance (AESA) in March to lobby politicians at Parliament House, requesting funding for a national sustainability curriculum.

Up until now, the AuSSI (Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative) program has provided practical support to schools and school communities to help them be more sustainable for the future. The program engages students, staff, parents and community members to help improve the management of the school’s resources.


The federal government has now announced that federal funding for the AuSSI program will be withdrawn next year. More than 3,200 schools nationally, including all schools in the ACT, are a part of the AuSSI Program. Funding from the ACT government will continue.


Council’s President Viv Pearce said that sustainability was meant to be one of the National Curriculum’s core values. "This program is really hands-on because it’s teaching kids to cut their energy and water use and helping them build things like veggie gardens and worm farms.”


“The AuSSI program has been so successful in schools, I don’t know why they’d try to start from scratch and develop a new resource,”  said Viv Pearce.


More information about the campaign is available on the AESA website


Aussi Picture

President Viv Pearce, ACCSO CEO Di Giblin and ACT AuSSI students presenting a report card of
Australian Sustainability Education at Parliament House.


This article was published in ParentACTion 2.2012, May 2012.