Fresh Tastes at Fraser

When Fresh Tastes was introduced at Fraser Primary School, it naturally evolved to cover more than one action area.

“When we began our journey as a Fresh Tastes school early in 2015, we were hoping for a more streamlined approach to healthy food and drink throughout our school community,” said Todd McCoy, Teacher at Fraser Primary and the School’s Fresh Tastes coordinator.KerriKitchen

The school started by exploring the Australian Guide to Health Eating and decided to focus on the Food from Home Fresh Tastes action area.

“We formed an action group and some great initiatives came out of our planning with teachers, the canteen manager and representatives from the parent community,” said Todd.

What they found was a need to establish better practices around their own canteen before they could encourage students to reconsider their lunchboxes.

“We redesigned the canteen and colour-coded our canteen menu to only feature green and amber foods,” explained Todd. “Then we ran a competition for students to redesign the canteen’s sign to reflect the fresh, healthy and home-cooked approach – it has become more of a kitchen than a canteen.”

Kerri’s Kitchen is now a hub for healthy options. In fact, their most successful initiative was the design and creation of Fresh Tastes lunch packs each fortnight through the canteen.

“The healthy lunch packs are designed by classes,” explained Todd.

“Teachers lead the children through the process by either designing them together or through a competition. The chosen pack – usually given a creative name like ‘Cloudy with a chance of meatballs’ – goes on sale through the canteen and these are starting to outsell the other standard options.”

The process of devising these healthy lunch packs is teaching students what constitutes healthy and tasty options to pack into their own lunchboxes.

“We’ve had meatball wraps with salad, smoothies, homemade ice blocks, burgers, stir-fries, tacos and burritos!” said Todd.

Now that the broader school focus is on a healthy food and drink culture, Fraser Primary School is looking to introduce more formal approaches to classroom learning and food from home.

“All the action areas really are tied together for Fresh Tastes,” Todd said. 


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This article appeared in ParentACTion Magazine, Term 1, 2018.