Help us end NAPLAN league tables

The Canberra Times is due to once again publish their annual NAPLAN league tables next month. Schools will be ranked in a way that completely ignores the background of the students they serve. Help us end this misleading and destructive practice.

School league tables based on NAPLAN results are simply invalid. They only show where a school's students are, not how far they have come. They ignore how far a school may have taken disadvantaged students. ACARA, who release the NAPLAN data, call league tables 'misleading'. (Find out more about the problem with league tables here.)

The Canberra Times have told us they don’t believe the community objects to league tables. We need to show them we do. We need parents to fill the letters page, voicing their objections to league tables – so it’s clear where the community really stands.

Please join in and write a short letter to the editor of the Canberra Times, calling on them to abandon their NAPLAN league table. Compose and send your letter using this online tool (includes points you can use in your letter).