Disclosure of member interest

How to manage a potential Conflict of Interest from someone on our P&C (Disclosure of member interest)

Decisions of P&C Associations need to be informed, objective and fair. Member interests outside a P&C Association may influence the way a person acts, decisions they make, or the way they vote in group decisions.  

Conflict of interest is now referred to as Disclosure of Member Interest in the Associations incorporations Act (which governs how P&Cs operate). It requires P&C committee members to disclose material personal interests. A personal interest may be considered material where it influences decisions or voting of a particular matter.

All disclosures need to be recorded in committee and general meeting minutes.

Members who have made disclosures must not influence, vote on or be present (leave the room or videoconference) while disclosed matters are being discussed; and this must be recorded in meeting minutes. P&C committee members must provide any changes to the disclosure of member interests.

We recommend P&C committee members err on the side of caution by disclosing interests.

Disclosure of P&C member interests can be made at any time using this form, or made when nominating for a committee position (nomination and member interest form).