Help with Grants

To help P&Cs apply successfully for grants, we have compiled some resources.

See a list of grants for which P&Cs can apply.

Resources to help with writing grants

Many organisations and government departments offer grants for community organisation such as P&Cs. Here are some general tips to start you thinking about your grant application.

  • Each grant usually has its own form or required format for applications which must be followed.
  • Be sure to carefully read the eligibility criteria to make sure you are able to apply.
  • Check the due date - late applications are rarely accepted - and make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to apply. Most grant applications require a fair bit of thought and work.
  • Carefully read the grant's strategic intent or funding guidelines to understand what outcomes the applications will be assessed against or what types of projects are to be funded. Then work to align your project to these goals.
  • Most grants will require you to clearly state your proposal, its goals, and the activities which will make up the project. Most grants will also require you to specify how you will evaluate the success of the project.
  • Prepare your budget carefully. Consider what the project will cost and include enough details to make the granting body feel confident they know how the money will be spent. The budget must match the project goals - there must be a clear connection between what you propose to do and how you will spend the money. Make sure to check any exclusions in the grant's funding criteria (for example, many grants will not fund salaries).
  • Some government grants have specific information/training sessions to help applicants. It is worth looking out for these or enquiring. They usually run well in advance of the due date.
  • Looking at previous projects supported by the grant can be useful.

There are more useful grant tips and the top mistakes to avoid here. The Fundraising Directory also has tips on applying for grants; or check these School Grant writing tips from the US.

Samples of past successful grant applications by ACT P&Cs:

(personal details have been removed)

If you would like to share your successful applications to help other P&Cs, please contact us.

Record keeping

If you do win a grant, make sure you comply with the record-keeping and financial requirements. Government grants are subject to random audits even several years after they are completed, so keep your records safe. for more, see Section 15 of the Treasurer's Handbook.