Starting Preschool or Starting School?

A smooth transition to Preschool or to School is one of the best ways a parent can get their child’s education off to a good start. A child who is happy to go to school is a child who is an engaged learner. 

Transition to School - Parent Forum

Our 2019 Forum brought together researchers, parents, teachers and community organisations to support families with children starting school. You can hear the forum Audio and find additional resources for parents or read about their advice in this article. To receive information about the 2020 Transition to School forum (In term 3) please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Some very simple tips for parents include: 

  • Visit your school as often as possible in the lead up to day 1 and try to connect with other families.
  • Talk positively about starting school and read together every day.
  • Practise getting ready for school, packing bags, and remembering their hats!
  • Check that your child can unpack, and unwrap their lunch simply.
  • Join your school's parent association to meet other parents, school staff and get involved.
  • Talk about what a day at school might be like, there are many great books about starting school
  • Ensure your child is well rested and try to be on time for school. 
  • Be clear about the pick up arrangements after school.

Remember, schools are getting ready for you too. 

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