Running good meetings

To make running your P&C meetings easier we have a number of templates and information sheets for both your AGM and regular meetings:

Online meetings


Article on Better Online Meetings
Article this sharing some P&C's experience
Electronic voting - see #Information sheet 21

Note that associations, such as P&Cs, can currently host their meetings by videoconference or teleconference, even if this is not permitted under your constitution - thanks to a temporary amendment of the Associations Incorporation Act. The amendment, due to the pandemic, will remain in force until 12 months after the pandemic ends.

General meetings

Information sheets:

#18 Meeting procedures
#19 Making meetings work
#20 Meeting improvement checklist
#21 Voting (including electronic voting for online meetings)


The Annual General Meeting (AGM)

As an Incorporated Association, your P&C must hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) every calendar year. Your P&C’s constitution will specify where and when the AGM should be held and also how much notice you are required to give members.


#23 The Annual General Meeting (AGM)
#24 AGM checklists
Help with your annual audit (must be completed at least 2 weeks before the AGM)
P&C Treasurer's Handbook Section 12. Presenting the financials at the AGM.


Could a bit of fun and a lucky door prize be a way to boost numbers at your AGM?