bookpack example

During the last ACT P&C council meeting some people were asking who our school uses for Bookpacks.

We at  school of 620 students have been using for the past few years and they have been great.

The P&C fund the initial order cost towards the end of the year, but put out an invoice/payment request to parents in forth term to request payment to the P&C through 'flexischools' before the end of term for next years bookpacks.

The stationary is kept at school in the classrooms all year with the teachers allocating what they need. 

At the end of the year the teachers share out what is left over to the kids to take home, which is usually very little. any books etc they just keep over until the next year.

With this request for payment we explain what the arrangement is and that the kids are getting a better package doing bulk ordering and through the P&C rather than kids bringing random items in or the school ordering through the whole of government supplier.

This system has worked well in our community and the teachers have expressed how easy it has been that every child has access to the same items and there is no arguing/fights about people stealing items, as they are class use.

Hope this helps other schools have the same experience.