'Who can help?' Disability resources

Council has launched a new resource booklet for parents who have a child or dependent with a disability in the ACT titled 'Who Can Help?' Disability Resources for Young People in the ACT.

The resource booklet is a small handy flipchart that lists a current range of organisations and support groups who provide assistance, services and support to individuals with a disability.photo 4

The resource booklet covers a range of main categories such as; community services, support groups, transport, post-school options, sports, recreation and many more. Under each category the organisations are presented with a brief description, their phone number and website.

Council started this project after receiving feedback from parents who expressed their difficult experiences in trying to access disability information.

Finding information parents need can sometimes be overwhelming or quite difficult to sort through. 'Who Can Help' is designed to cut through the detail to list the services making important information handy and ready when it is needed.

The disability booklet was launched by Minister Joy Burch MLA on 25 March 2013 and will be readily available by contacting P&C Presidents, School Principals or Council's Office

This booklet is a result of funding received from our Youth Transitions and Strategic Funding Pool Grant 2012. This grant is funded by both the Department of Education and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) and the Education Training Directorate of ACT (ETD).


This article was published in ParentACTion 1.2013, March 2013.