Our Meetings

Find out more about our meetings below and check our calendar for upcoming dates.

Quote GeneralMeeting communityALTGeneral Meetings

Join us at our next General Meetings to keep up to date with school issues, connect with other P&Cs and hear about Council activitities! Check our events calendar for the next meeting date.

Our meetings are held online on Tuesday evenings (7-9pm) in Weeks 4 & 9 of term.

These meetings allow representatives from ACT parent associations as well as general members of the public to raise issues and discuss possible solutions to improve public education. Meetings also allow us to relay information from the Education Directorate about current developments.

Agendas are emailed to all member associations prior to the meeting, and minutes sent afterwards.

Policy Conference

Council policy is formulated at the annual Policy Conference which is held in the later part of the year. The conference provides a forum to discuss new policies, update others and review interim policies and issues affecting the education sector.

Well before before the conference, Council seeks proposals to amend current policies or introduce new items from our member associations. Such proposed amendments are then recirculated, allowing Council Delegates to participate in debate and vote in an informed manner at the conference.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Council's AGM is held in November.

Prior to the meeting nominations are sought for positions on the Council Executive Committee, and a range of other representative roles on government advisory committees and the like. Voting for these positions is conducted at the AGM. 

Executive Meetings

Our Executive Committee meet once a month to conduct Council business.

Early Learning Subcommittee Meetings

Our Early Learning Committee meet once a term to review preschool issues and support the parent voice in relation to early learning. See the summaries of previous meetings or contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

Other subcommittees on special topics

Council facilitates a number of committees to explore and work on particulart topics of interest to our members.  Find out more here.