Why I Volunteer - Jayne Trustum

Jayne Trustum - New Council Executive member & Neville Bonner Primary P&C Secretary

JayneTrustumMy Mum went to P&C meetings when I was a kid and told me it is the only way to know what happens at school. You know, she still does canteen once a month! Anyway, I’ve discovered that she is right. When you get involved you know what is going on, and at the same time you help make the school a better place.

The response of the kids is the greatest reward for the time you put in. Seeing their happy faces playing on the new equipment, using the things you helped provide, or when they get their lunches.

I’ve joined Council to try to expand this beyond my own school, to find out what is going on more broadly and perhaps be able to make a contribution.


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