General Meetings

Our General Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of the month during term time.  We meet at the Centre for Teaching and Learning on Fremantle Drive in Stirling from 7.00pm – 9.30pm.

These meetings allow representatives from affiliated parent and community bodies as well as general members of the public to raise issues and discuss possible solutions to improve public education. Meetings also allow us to relay information from the Education and Training Directorate about current developments to parents and community members.

Only members from affiliated P&Cs bodies may vote.

Members of the public interested in attending our meetings should contact us prior to the meeting.

Check our events calendar for the next meeting date. Agendas are emailed to all P&Cs prior to the meeting. Summaries of past meetings are also available.

Policy Conference

Council policy is formulated at the annual Policy Conference which is held in the later part of the year. The conference provides a forum to discuss new policies, update others and review interim policies and issues affecting the education sector.

Well before before the conference, Council seeks proposals to amend current policies or introduce new items from P&C Associations. Such proposed amendments are then recirculated, allowing Council Delegates to participate in debate and vote in an informed manner at the conference.

Hot Topics Meetings

These meetings are a chance for in-depth discussions on the most important issues for our members. The topics are determined from issues brought to General Meetings which require extra time to cover, and a call for items from P&C Associations. See summaries of past meetings.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Council's AGM is held in November.

Prior to the meeting nominations are sought for positions on the Council Executive Committee, and a range of other representative roles on government advisory committees and the like. Voting for these positions is conducted at the AGM. The composition of Council working groups is also finalised.

Executive Meetings

Our Executive Committee meet once a month to conduct Council business.